How to Contact Support

Modified on Wed, Jun 26 at 10:52 PM

Paxful has an amazing customer support team to provide immediate assistance for all sorts of questions. 


Contact us via the Support widget in the Help pages

You can ask a question and submit a ticket to us by clicking on the Help Chat icon located at the lower right portion of the Knowledge-based Help Pages:


  • By clicking the Support Chat icon, you can chat with PaxBot our Virtual Assistant or you may choose to select Help articles and learn more about our process.

Chat with PaxBot!

If you select "Chat with PaxBot!", you will be greeted by our helpful virtual assistant. 

To better understand your concern select the specific topic you need help with:


  • In some topics, you will be asked several probing questions and/or be asked to upload a file to gather more information.
  • Be as specific as possible. Sample information that you can provide in the message are as follows:
    • Trade ID's
    • Transaction ID's
    • Screenshot or video recording of your claims
    • Links

Note: Paxful support will never contact you outside of the following domains:


Be aware that there are fake support emails that may impersonate Paxful. These fake emails may even try to trick you into providing personal account details over social media. Read more about how to keep your information secure in our security guide.


Help Articles

Need more information about trading in Paxful? We got you! Our Help Articles are also available on our website -, located in the lower right portion of the page. 

Here, you can easily browse our articles about managing your account, creating offers, knowing more about fees, and many more!