Creating an Offer to Sell Cryptocurrency

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 03:04 PM

To set your personal exchange rules and establish a flow of trades, you need to create your own offers to sell crypto on Paxful. This guide gives you an overview of how to create one. If you are interested in existing offers of other Paxful traders, please see our guide on selling cryptocurrency.

Before you begin, ensure you have created an account. Once you sign up, you will be assigned a free wallet automatically. 


To create an offer, you need to be ID-verified.


Here’s a short video on how to create an offer:


Step 1: Payment method

1. Log in to your Paxful account and click Create an Offer.

2. Choose the cryptocurrency type you want to sell.

3. Select Sell offer type.

4. Select a payment method and your preferred currency.


  • If you're unsure which group your payment method belongs to, you can search for it.
  • Note the escrow fee for the selected payment method.
  • Only one currency per offer is allowed. 
  • Available currencies may vary depending on the payment method you choose. These limits are set to avoid incorrect trades. For more information, click here.
  • With bank transfers, inserting the bank name and country where your account is registered is important. This will help to avoid any misunderstandings with your potential trade partners.

 5. Double-check all details and click Next Step to proceed.

Step 2: Trade pricing

1. Click Market or Fixed Price to choose the cryptocurrency rate you want to use.


  • Market price — Your offer’s selling price will change according to the market price of a cryptocurrency.
  • Fixed price — Your offer’s selling price is locked when the offer is created and won’t change with the market price of a cryptocurrency.
  • This option is not available for stablecoins such as USDT.

2. Choose how much you want to earn on each purchase by inserting the number into the margin field.

Set a percentage according to the market price of cryptocurrency and your personal trading intentions. This percentage can be both negative and positive. You can read more about the margin here. You will see on the screen a clear explanation of how much you will earn according to the percentage selected.


  • Do not set a low or high percentage to attract customers and negotiate the price within a trade. It is against our Terms of Service.
  • Buyers often look for the best value and great seller ratings. Choose a profit percentage that you think your target buyers will find attractive.  A negative margin percentage is advised when creating an offer to sell crypto.
  • As a default, we offer a cryptocurrency price, the average ask price between Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Bitfinex. For more flexibility with the Bitcoin rate, clickSwitch to advanced mode.

 3. Set offer trade limits by inserting numbers into the Minimum trade amount and Maximum trade amount fields.

Here you can choose how much crypto in the traditional currency you want to sell.


  • You'll be alerted at this step if your trade requires a security deposit. Once you've finished creating your offer, you'll need to make your security deposit to ensure your offer will be visible on the marketplace.
  • You can set a range or click Use exact amount to set the sum you are interested in. Once a trade is initiated, the exact trade equivalent in crypto is moved into escrow.

 4. Choose the offer time limit by inserting a number into the minutes' field.

This indicates the amount of time your trade partner has to make their payment. The trade will be automatically canceled if the buyer has not clicked Paid before the payment window expires.

5. Double-check check all details are correct and click Next step to proceed.

Step 3: Trade instructions

1. Choose offer tags from the Offer tags drop-down list.

Offer tags will appear close to the payment method name in the list of offers. It should be something that helps to personalize your offer and add additional information to it. 

2. Create your offer labels. Type them into the Your offer label field.

The bank's name is used instead of a label for Bank Transfers.

3. Write offer terms for buyers. Type them into the Offer terms for the buyer field.

This info will be shown publicly in your offer. Read more about the offer terms here.

4.  Write trade instructions. Type them into the Trade Instructions field.

Trade instructions will be visible once a trade has started. This should be a clear step-by-step guide for your potential trade partner. Read more information here.

5. Select the Verification checkbox if you need a verification filter for your trade partners.

You can also click on Advanced Options for additional trade settings:

  • Adjust offer visibility by selecting Show this offer only to users in your trusted list checkbox.
  • Set a minimum amount of trades required by typing a number in the Minimum trades required field.
  • Set a fiat limit for new accounts by typing a number in the Fiat limit for new accounts field.
  • Set limitations by countries. Select an option from the Limitation by Countries list and insert a country in the field below.
  • Adjust Proxy/VPN limitations by selecting an option from the Proxy/VPN limitations list. You can choose whether to trade with all users or avoid those with VPN and Anonymizer.
  • Choose working hours for your offer under the Working Hours section. Choose the days of the week and times during each day when you want this offer to be active. Read more here.

6. Configure your kiosk trade settings by selecting options from the list. To activate the Kiosk trade settings list, click Change settings.

Kiosk trades come from Paxful Kiosks implemented on partner websites. These kiosks enable the partner's customers to buy crypto from Paxful vendors outside the Paxful platform. This means more incoming trades for you. 

These customers typically have no prior trades and have probably not created a profile or completed ID verification. You have the option to decide whether or not to allow such trades and set custom rules for them.


Some kiosks require an extra fee from sellers in addition to Paxful's escrow fee. You can disallow kiosk trades if you don't want to pay this fee.

7. Double-check all details and click Create Offer to proceed.

Check our Terms of Service and rules to sell cryptocurrency

If you need any assistance from our Support team, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out this article on How to Contact Support.