Modified on Wed, 16 Aug 2023 at 07:25 PM

Offers are trade proposals split into Buy and Sell categories and have options such as currency, exchange rate, and payment methods.

Buy offer: This is a trade proposal created by users trying to buy cryptocurrency in exchange for a different payment method (i.e., gift cards, fixed currencies). Payment methods are set by the buyer in this instance. Users can find buy offers here.

Sell offer:  This is a trade proposal created by users trying to sell cryptocurrency in exchange for a payment method set in the offer. Users can find sell offers here.

Who can create an offer?

Any user can create an offer. It is important to note that some offers require a bond, a minimum balance in your Paxful wallet, or KYC.

Why create an offer?

You can trade on Paxful by searching for existing offers. But in this case, you depend on the terms of others. Creating your own offer allows you to set your terms and trade partner-related requirements and create a flow of trades.

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