Is My Paxful Wallet Secure?

Modified on Thu, 17 Aug 2023 at 02:19 PM

Your funds are perfectly safe with us. We use BitGo as a wallet service provider, which is one of the most secure services on the market. Additionally, we provide you with all means to protect your funds within your Paxful account. However, the overall security of your Paxful wallet depends on the decisions you make.

Not only are our servers highly secure, meeting the most stringent of compliance requirements, but as an additional layer of security, two-factor authentication can be enabled whenever you log into your account and when you send out cryptocurrency. We support Google Authenticator, Authy, and SMS based two-factor authentication. Even though we offer all the mentioned security measures, it is up to you to set up a strong password, safely store it, and choose to activate two-factor security for your account and transactions.

Speaking of security, beware of any phishing sites. Always ensure that you are on before you enter any account details or other sensitive information. Never share your account details with anyone. Paxful support will NEVER ask for your account password or one-time password. Note that Paxful has no Skype or phone support. It is impossible for Paxful to take all the phishing websites down, so you, as a user, should be vigilant and learn how to protect yourself from the scammers out there.

Read more on how to protect your wallet in our security guide.

If you need any assistance from our Support team, do not hesitate to contact us. Check out this article on How to Contact Support.