Your Paxful Dashboard is your hub for all your cryptocurrency trading needs. Ito ang personalisado mong tool para sa pag-access ng lahat ng impormasyong kailangan mo. There are 4 different types of dashboards on the Paxful website: Classic, Vendor, Merchant, and Affiliate Dashboard.

Classic Dashboard: This is the default dashboard where you will see your active trades and shortcuts for buying and selling cryptocurrency. On this dashboard, you can also create and edit your offers, see your past trades, see the overview of your affiliates, and account activity. 


Vendor Dashboard: On this dashboard, you can see your active trades, an overview of your affiliates, your sales charts, offer stats, feature requests, and canceled trade survey results.  You can create and edit offers here.


Merchant Dashboard: This dashboard exclusively applies to users who are using the “Pay with Paxful” feature. The Merchant Dashboard is where merchants can see their sales for the last 28 days.


Affiliate Dashboard:
This is the dashboard to track your affiliates and your affiliate commissions from the Paxful Affiliate Program. You can find your affiliate link on this dashboard to share it with your network. On the affiliate dashboard, you can create unique trackable links in the ‘Track ID’ section.




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