Buying Cryptocurrency with Online Wallets

There are a variety of online wallets such as PayPal and Skrill that you can use to buy cryptocurrency on Paxful. This article gives you an overview of buying cryptocurrency using any of the supported online wallets. 


Before buying cryptocurrency with your online wallet, please ensure that you have sufficient funds on it and that your transaction will not be blocked due to your daily limit or other geographical restrictions. 



The first step to buy cryptocurrency with online wallets is to look for an offer for the online wallet of your choice. You’ll also need to enter the amount you wish to purchase and your preferred currency.




To buy cryptocurrency with online wallets, you can also create your own offer.
Here are a couple of tips for your offer:

  • 取引中の交渉は禁止されているため、自分に有利だと思われるマージンを設定するようにしてください。
  • 明確なオファー条件と指示を書くようにしてください。
  • 送金手数料をどちらが負担するのかを明確にしてください(必要な場合)。



Once you have paid the seller and uploaded proof of your payment, click Paid. Your payment is not confirmed unless you click Paid and if you forget to do so, the trade will eventually expire and the cryptocurrency will go back from the trade escrow to the seller.

The last step is for the seller to confirm the payment. Please be patient because this may take some time. Once the seller has confirmed the payment, they should release the cryptocurrency to you and complete the trade. 



Here are some more tips on how to buy cryptocurrency on Paxful.