Tips for Buying Cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency can be tough at first but here are some tips to ease you into buying crypto safely, and quickly. 


1. Paxfulでの最低取引額について。

If you’re buying Bitcoin, the current minimum is 10 USD or its equivalent in other currencies. If you’re selling, then the minimum is 0.001 BTC.

2. 売却者の評価やアクティビティについて。

A seller’s reputation is displayed in green with a + before it. For example, +1305/ -1 means that the user has 1305 good feedback scores from buyers and only 1 negative feedback.
Pay attention to each type of feedback: positive and negative.
For example, despite having more than 10,000 positive feedback scores and 1000 negative feedback, you should still be cautious about such a user. Pay attention to the percentage of negative feedback in relation to the negative and positive ones. Also, do not forget to check for how long a user is present on our platform.
It is also much better if the seller is ID-verified. This means that we have checked his documents and background.
Additionally, check when the seller was last seen online on Paxful. This will help to make sure that you will have a quick trade without any delays from the seller’s side.
Click on the seller’s username to open their profile for more background information on them.

3. 取引を開始する前に必ずオファー条件をお読みください。


4. Be aware of the price.

The Bitcoin price on Paxful is never equal to its official market rate as sellers charge a fee to convert traditional currency into Bitcoin. The price of the fee varies among sellers and depends on who you buy from. So be on the lookout for the best deals. The offer page always includes the rate of each seller. What should interest you the most is how much you get on dollar. The higher the number, the more profitable the trade will be for you.

5. 売却者の指示をお読みください。


6. 「支払済」ボタンは実際に支払いを完了したときだけクリックしてください。

Once you’ve clicked the Paid button, the countdown timer stops and the order can no longer expire. This is important because if you had sent the seller the payment info such as a gift card code and the offer expires, then the escrow is released and you won’t get your cryptocurrency. The Paid button also provides security from dishonest or forgetful sellers. If you click the Paid button and you haven’t paid, the seller might think you’re a coin-locker or someone trying to scam them. Be sure to click the button only once you’ve paid to prevent complications.

7. Paxfulではギフトカードコードの仲介は固く禁止されています。


8. 第三者を利用して支払いを行うことは禁止されています。

You must be the actual payer and be the original owner of the submitted payment (Owner of the gift card, credit card, bank account, an account of online payment platform). Being a middleman in paying for the cryptocurrency is not allowed and can be considered as a scam.

9. 常にギフトカードの全額を取引してください。

If you have a $50 gift card, then you can’t trade for a fraction of that (ex. Asking someone to take only $33 only out of your $50). Note that the seller can only take the whole amount so if you start order for $33 and he takes $50, the only way to get your change back in cryptocurrency is by starting a new trade for the difference. Seller’s ranges may not meet that amount or the seller may take down their offers or go offline.

 10. Never ask the seller to release the cryptocurrency first.

This is grounds for an instant ban as it indicates a scam. We have a trade escrow service so you know the crypto is there and waiting for you once you complete the payment.

 11. 売却者には丁寧に対応するようにしてください


 12. 取引に興味がない場合は取り消してください。