Unresponsive Trade Partner

If you are selling cryptocurrency and the buyer is not responding:

If the buyer is the offer owner they have a 5 minute window to view the trade. If those 5 minutes have passed, you can cancel the trade. 

If the buyer has viewed the trade but hasn’t clicked the I have paid button yet, your cryptocurrency will be released from the trade escrow when the trade expires. 

If the buyer clicks I have paid but you don’t receive any payment, you can ask the buyer to cancel the trade. If the buyer doesn’t cancel the trade, you can click Dispute. From there, our moderators will take a look at the situation. 

If you are buying cryptocurrency and the seller is not responding: 

If you started a trade and the seller seems to be offline or doesn’t reply to you, you can cancel the trade and try your luck with the other seller. 

If a seller was responsive, approved the payment, and then became unresponsive, you need to click I have paid so that the trade doesn’t expire. If the trade expires, the seller gets his cryptocurrency back from the escrow. 

If you forgot to click I have paid button, but payment has been already done, it’ll be much harder to get your coins. In such a case please contact our Support.

See more information about disputes in our dedicated article.