• Ethereum (ETH) FAQs
    What is Ethereum?

    Ethereum is an open-source blockchain network on which companies can build products on. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin. Ethereum is also a network where ETH (Ethereum), USDT (Tether), and other cryptocurrencies transact.

    How to convert Ethereum on Paxful?
    All users can convert Ethereum with a verified email address and phone number. For a full list of the verification status needed for Ethereum transactions, please visit this article.
    For more information about Ethereum conversion, visit Converting Ethereum FAQs.
    What are the fees for converting Ethereum?
    For a full breakdown of Ethereum fees, check out this article.
    Can my Ethereum transaction be cancelled or reversed?

    Unfortunately, Ethereum transactions can’t be cancelled or reversed. For more information, check out this article

    What is the minimum amount of Ethereum I can convert?
    ETH to BTC: 0.0001 BTC equivalent
    ETH to USDT: 5 USDT
    How do I get my Ethereum wallet address?

    Head to the Wallet tab and click Receive in the Ethereum section.

  • Receiving and Depositing Ethereum (ETH)

    Paxful allows you to deposit and receive Ethereum (ETH) using your Paxful Wallet. If you’re looking to deposit ETH into your Paxful wallet, check out the steps below to get started:

    1. Log in to your Paxful account and head to the Wallet page
    2. Look for Ethereum (ETH) currency under Assets and click RECEIVE.
    3. From there, you can copy your Ethereum wallet address or use the QR code. Please make sure the amount you’ll be receiving is worth more than the fee! 


    • If ETH is sent from an external wallet, the transaction needs 12 confirmations on the blockchain to be successful. You can check out the status of the transaction through Etherscan here. Just grab the transaction ID from your Paxful wallet here and enter it into Etherscan to track.