Creating an Account on Paxful

Cryptocurrency can be intimidating for newbies so we've created a guide on how to create an account on Paxful to help you get started.

Your Paxful journey begins with a simple decision: whether or not to create an account. If you think that you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of crypto and financial freedom, then the next step is to create your Paxful account. Creating your account is easy and very user-friendly. Upon registering, you also get a free wallet to store the cryptocurrency you earn from trading on Paxful. 

Here’s a Paxful school tutorial to walk you through the process of creating your account:

To create a new Paxful account:

1. Open a web browser and launch the Paxful webpage:

2. Click Register on the top right corner of the main page.

3. Choose if you'd like to create an account with your phone number or email address and create a password.



  • When you register on Paxful, a username will automatically be assigned to you, but you can customize it later. 
  • Click I have referral code to register your referral code received from another Paxful user.

4. From there, you'll need to verify your phone or email address (whichever one you chose to create your account with).

Warning: Read our Terms of Service, Affiliate Program Terms of Service and Privacy Notice. By continuing you agree to Paxful's Terms of Service automatically.

Once you have created your account, we recommend verifying your phone or email address (whichever one you did not use to sign up with) and identity as well to gain more trading opportunities on our platform. If you have any other questions, feel free to explore our Help Center, reach out to us via Contact Us form on our website, or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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